Fun social media stuff to share


profile pic with heart-shaped badge

This is how your profile pic will look with the PicBadge. Cute, no?

Carolyn has been making some social media goodies to help you spread the word oh-so-fashionably on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Dress up your profile picture on Facebook, Twitter, etc. with this “Everyone deserves a place to call home”  PicBadge:

You can also grab the header image for this post and insert it as your cover image on Facebook (850 x 315). Or this other one, here. Want a customized one? Let us know — with Photoshop, all things are possible.

Fianlly, if you’re on Pinterest, follow the MBHP Marathon Team pinboard. You can grab and share inspirational running and housing images, info about Metropolitan Boston Housing Partnership and the marathon team, training schedules, and other cool resources like this short video introducing MBHP:

screenshot of housing video


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