It is cold out there!

elderly gentleman running Boston Marathon

2007 Boston Marathon participant. Photo: Jesse Edsell-Vetter

Carolyn and I kicked off our official Boston Marathon training while in North Carolina. It was a beautiful set of warm weather runs – no rain, temperatures in the 50s…nice and easy by Boston standards. The return home though has brought the cold reality of winter. It is 8 degrees outside as I prepare to head out for my tempo run. Carolyn has a worse fate though as she is doing outdoor track work. In many ways, I strongly prefer snow over this kind of dry cold. Our breathing will not be easy today and our water bottles will freeze. We are lucky to have warm gloves, socks and everything we need for this weather.

As I sit enjoying a last day or two of vacation with a warm cup of coffee to type, my co-workers are out hunting down our homeless clients who do not have a warm, safe place to call home. These clients, due to mental health issues, income and other barriers have few places to go in on a day like today. Luckily, MBHP can work to help them access services and shelter until we can get them into longer term housing. Over the years, I have been lucky enough to see the look on the faces of children who are moving from a cramped motel room into a home, to see my co-worker house elders who have been on the street for more than 25 years and to watch my own clients access the kinds of services that they need to stay housed.

For every client that we serve, there are countless others who need help. Our family has donated $1000 to the 2013 MBHP Boston Marathon Team and agreed to raise another $19,000. Even our 7 year old has donated and set a fundraising goal. Take a moment today to give the gift of a warm place to call home by making a donation to me (Jesse) or Carolyn. Your gift, along with the hundreds of others made between now and April 15th, will help house homeless individuals/families and give them access to the services they need to stay housed for years to come…that is one hell of a powerful gift to give this winter!


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