We are Family

running-buddies-sq bundled-up

We have been lucky that the weather this winter has so far accommodated the needs of a running stroller. For two parents to get in a minimum of 6 runs a week, totaling 40-50 miles at this point in training, sometimes we all go out together as a family.

Our older son is planning to do a 5k in May to raise $500 for MBHP, so he is also “in training”, doing a couple of mid-week runs with us around the neighborhood.  His weekend long run will build up from a mile now to 3 later in the spring, and he is learning to stretch, warm up, cool down, and pace himself. He gleefully announced this week that he had beaten the fastest boy in his class in a race, because it had been long enough that the other boy — possessing the one speed common to seven-year olds: flat out —  ran out of steam.

And, of course, our “family” extends to all of you, the great individuals and companies supporting our efforts. We are grateful to our friends who have donated, or who plan to join our upcoming events. Thanks to in-kind sponsors helping with event space and logistics, like Somerville Community Flatbread and First Church Somerville, and those who help keep us in training condition, like Meridians of Health and Clif. And please give your business to the growing list of local companies who support MBHP, listed in the sidebar to the left.


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