A Letter To You

Homeless on the Greenway
Dear friends,
As you might have heard, Carolyn and I are BOTH running the 2013 Boston Marathon to raise $20,000 for the case management program at my work, Metropolitan Boston Housing Partnership. Why on earth would busy parents of 2 small boys take this on you might be asking? Simple — 2013 marks a number of important 10th anniversaries in our lives. This year, we are marking our 10th wedding anniversary, the 10th anniversary of my final knee surgery (which has allowed me to go from walking with a cane to running marathons) and my 10th anniversary as a staff member at MBHP. This celebration will be our last endurance and fundraising event for the next 3-5 years. We have other athletic and professional goals in the coming years so no more fundraising marathons for quite a while.
Over the years, I have been proud that our community has supported the work done at MBHP. Thanks to your financial assistance, our case management programs have expanded to serve more people, we have had significant contributions to policy making efforts at the state and federal level and the program that I direct has been able to expand our staff, training, technical assistance and case management. One fantastic example of the impact of your contributions has been in our Home and Healthy for Good program. This program serves elders who lived on the street for more than 25 years. This population has a myriad of physical and mental health concerns, significant barriers to housing and they need weekly (and sometimes daily) visits from case management staff. Of the elders participating in our program, none have lost housing once they transition from living on the street to having a place to call home. Several have passed away due to the toll that street life took on their health but those individuals were able to live in a safe, warm home in their final days — all thanks to your gifts.
To give you some perspective on just how difficult it is for our low-income clients to earn enough to rent an apartment, consider this: In order to afford a modestly priced two-bedroom apartment, a family from
Massachusetts must earn a staggering $47,499 annually or $22.84 per hour (according to data from The National Low Income Housing Coalition’s 2012 Out of Reach report). Low-income earners working a minimum wage job would need to work 116 hours a week to earn this much. This is the equivalent of three earners working 40-hour weeks year-round to make ends meet. 
I am writing to ask you to make a contribution to our marathon effort so that MBHP can continue to provide critical case management services for individuals and families in the 31 cities/towns in the Greater Boston area that we serve. A $25, $75, $250, $500 or $1000+ donation will assist a family to cover the cost of a utility arrears, security deposit or month of rent. A $5000 donation would allow us to help 4 families in crisis and a $10,000 donation would allow us to provide a short term subsidy for a family that does not qualify for state shelter/housing assistance. Rarely do we have the opportunity to directly impact the direction that a life can take – your donation will create just that kind of change.
You can make your contribution to Team Edsell-Vetter at http://bit.ly/JEVruns (Jesse) or http://bit.ly/CEVruns (Carolyn). For those who would like to make a larger gift over several months, please let me know – we can assist in making arrangements for this gift. For more information about our effort, visit our blog: https://10for10project.wordpress.com. To read about MBHP clients and programs, please take a look at our recent annual report.
B’shalom and thank you,



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