Marathon Training through Injury

underwater photo of woman pool running

Carolyn here. I had hoped that I would not need to share this part of my training, but with the marathon two months from this past Friday, I may as well fess up. The same calf tear that gave me trouble in 2009 got me again, so I’ve been doing most of my mileage in the pool for the last month. I am confident that I will be able to complete the race, and optimistic that I will reach the starting line in much better shape than last time.

For those of you who have never run in a pool, let me tell you that it is not so exciting. No music, no scenery other than the floral, skirted bathing suits of the water-aerobics set. And it is very hard to talk other runners or swimmers into joining you, because, well, it’s kinda dorky. But I snap on my AquaJogger belt and pretend that I’m Deena Kastor training for Chicago, and think, “Hey, I’m bad-a**!” My goal is to train for the equivalent time and intensity that I would be spending on the road each week, with occasional infusions of elliptical, bike, or swimming to break the monotony.

The best thing about my rehab is all of the people who are helping me, particularly Nina of Meridians of Health and Andy at McGovern Physical Therapy/Game 7 Sports Training . It has been very interesting to observe the similarities between the holistic medicine, acupressure  and qi gong exercises from Nina and the more Western strength training and stretching from McGovern. They seem to be a good complement, and are keeping me pain-free and stronger every day!

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