Remembering Mary Doyle


screenshot of housing video

On Saturday, February 23rd the housing and homelessness community lost one of our best, most fierce advocates – Mary Doyle. I had the joy of working with Mary for nearly 10 years while she served as our Director of Policy Development and Public Relations. During the course of those years, Mary taught me how to more effectively lobby for MBHP’s programs at the Statehouse, helped provide support and mentoring over a series of lunches when I was not sure what direction my professional life should take and served as a sounding board as my Hoarding and Sanitation Initiative grew. In the months before her passing, Mary and our Executive Director helped prepare me to submit a draft of my first ever legislation – a step I never would have been ready to take without her help.

Mary was also one of the MBHP Marathon Team’s best supporters. She never passed up an opportunity to check in with staff members running the marathon about training or fundraising – and had the patience to sit through our complaining about whatever obstacles were between us and the marathon finish line.

This year, MBHP’s Marathon Team is running for Mary. 


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